YMME Parts Search - User Manual

Search Analytics

  • System will keep track of the search keywords that are “searched for” in the web catalog
  • User can view the metrics for a given date range.

Data Sync

  • User can view the status of the daily data sync activity and the number of products indexed
  • An automated email will be sent daily after every data sync process run


  1. Embedded Widget Design

    • User can modify embedded widget design, colour, labels, size etc and decide on the visibility of the widget on the mobile view
    • User can preview the changes before push to production instance
  2. Search Results Configuration

    • User can change the
      • search result page URL
      • result type list or cards
      • search results page heading text
      • max results count and buttons look and feel in result results page
    • In Product Cards Styling, can change CTA's Background colour, font colour primary and secondary
  3. Fitment Match

    • User can modify design of fitment match tab and can see preview of it.
  4. Fitment Compatibility Chart

    • User can modify design colors and titles
    • Can view compatibility chart preview
  5. Simulate Search

    • User can simulate the Search Text box behaviour


  1. Mapping Fields

    • User can Add or Delete filter fields
    • Can rearrange the order of fields
    • Can modify visibility, fitment chart, fitment match and mandatory of that particular field
  2. Bigcommerce Category Fields

    • User can modify category field name and sorting order

Part Mapping

  • User can manage the Parts to Attributes Mapping through Bulk upload or add / edit the values in the defined list of search filter fields.

Export History

  • User can view their previous export history and able to download that export csv file

Import History

  • User can view their previous import history details in this panel

Category Bulk Update

  • User can view their previous category bulk update history details in this panel

Monthly Fees

  • User can click the “Pay Now” button to make the Monthly Fees online through PayPal
  • Invoice will be automatically generated and sent through email.
  • Invoice can also be downloaded from the application anytime